Prasad Research Foundation

About Research
Prasad Research Foundation is actively involved in research projects related to New age cell therapies. Presently working in collaboration with many National and International Labs in identifying root cause many conditions.

Our team is focused on the generation of clinical-grade stem cells (Mesenchymal and Hematopoietic) from disposed tissues (placenta, cord blood) with the vision of their application for therapy. Prasad Research Foundation has been working towards this vision of Stem cell therapy for the last 6 years and now the labs and infrastructure is made available complying with all the GMP and GCP standards.

In the field of stem cell regenerative medicine, we are dedicated to developing access and quality care to treat people with a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions:

  • Lung regeneration.
  • Neurological.
  • Auto immune disorders.
  • No option conditions as suggested by clinicians.

Who We Are

Prasad Research Foundation was established in 2017 as a non profit organisation established by clinicians and cell biologists to work together on developing a platform of novel technologies Cell based research & therapeutics.