Stem Cell

Prasad Research Foundation is a pioneer in the field of translational research and a pioneer in the field of stem cells. Standing to its commitment, the foundation boasts of the best in house experts in the field of stem cell culturing and therapy solutions.
Prasad Research Foundation has worked on a multidimensional model and not many companies across the globe have this deep knowledge.

Collaborations :

CCMB - placenta , ex vivo expansion of
CDFD - t cell immunoprofiling

Our focus areas:

  • Autologous Hematopoietic Stem cells
  • Allogeneic stem cells - using Umbilical cord and placenta

The best stem cell research unit uses very high quality infrastructure matching the GMPstandards in developing and culturing the cells, storing and administering.


Quality is an attribute which is manifested across all areas of the process. Our infection control policies and storage policies stand testament as we run our unit in a NABH accredited hospital.