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About Prasad Research

Our Research
The major focus of Prasad Research Foundation (PRF) is basic research that could be translated to the clinic. The aim is to have a basic research that is strongly supported by interaction amongst the clinicians and scientists with the exchange of innovative ideas, techniques and technology. The projects thus undertaken are directed with a specific purpose of addressing the problems practically seen in the clinics.
The team at PRF, Nacharam, Hyderabad are committed towards clinical application of stem cells in the coming years, with the support of extensive research. Researchers from well reputed institutes both government and private are panel members of Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC), Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research (IC-SCR) and Research Advisory Board (RAB). Our team is focused on generation of clinical grade stem cells (Mesenchymal) from disposed tissues (placenta, cord blood) with the vision of their application for therapy. PRF has been working towards this vision of Stem cell therapy for the last 6 years and now the labs and infrastructure is made available complying with all the GMP and GCP standards.
Prasad research foundation is actively involved in research projects related to mother and child. Presently working in collaboration with CDFD (centre or DNA finger printing and diagnostics) in identifying root cause in premature deliveries and recurrent mis-carriages.
Stem Cell Institute in India
Our Vision
  • Vision is to pursue clinically relevant research on stem cells with a potential therapeutic application.
Our mission is to involve clinicians and scientists from various disciplines in clinical research and applying the knowledge to innovate novel technologies and cell based therapies. Improving maternal health by identifying the root cause of premature deliveries and recurrent mis-carriages and improving child health through new born screening and novel therapies in metabolic and blood related disorders.

Our Aim

Aim is to ensure safe cell based therapeutic options
in difficult disease conditions

Stem Cell Research in Hyderabad
To perform clinical research in the field of cell based therapy and reproductive medicine which could be translated to the clinic.
To approach various Government research agencies for extra-mural funding for various researches related to mother and child health care, cancer and metabolic disorders.
To publish and patent the outcome of the research for the benefit of the society.
To generate extra income by the intra mural funding with the help of consultancy and collaboration programmes.
To conduct various training program and conferences to educate about the problems arising in the field of reproductive medicine and cell based therapy.
Enabling the modern scientific Bioinformatics tool in identifying and solving the problem by the in-silico analysis.